Kids for Christ focuses on teaching our children that Jesus desires to be with them in a real relationship. We come alongside the parents to help teach them what having a real relationship means with Jesus. We have events planned during the year to have fun, grow together, and to learn more about this Jesus that loves us so much. We have Sunday School at 9:00am leading into Grow Worship at 10:15.  On Wednesday nights 6:00pm  we have JAM night where we really have a time that focuses on how much Jesus loves us. 
March lesson is Blueprints!
Blueprints are a kind of plan that helps engineers, architects, and drafters to know how a project should go. Plans are everywhere. Kids find plans at school, in their lego sets, and even in their video games. But the best kind of plans are the ones that help us grow. Through the life of Jesus, we’re going to find out that God’s plans are perfect, love is the foundation of God’s plans, that Jesus said yes to God’s plans, and most of all that we are included in God’s plans.
Pre-Register your child for the upcoming service!
Calling all Kid-tectives! We need your help to crack he secret code to Easter! This is a fun family event, and we will work together to discover what Easter is all about. Come for games, popcorn, and a message of Hope!
The hunt is set for March 27th at 6:30pm.